Q.  Can you help me speed up the process of getting estimates and repairing my vehicle?

A.  Yes we can. Koons Collision Center has been in business for over 50 years and we use the relationships we have earned and knowledge we have gained over those years to ensure that your experience is expedited and exceeds your expectations in quality workmanship.

Q. Is there quick advice you have to help me save time?
A. Yes. Randomly seeking estimates without being directed to do so is waste of your time. 

Q.  The insurance company directed me to take my car to a shop I know nothing about. Can I refuse to use the shop they picked for me?
A.  Absolutely! In every case; with every insurance company; the choice of which shop repairs your vehicle is yours and yours alone to make. Certainly most insurance companies have shops that give them financial considerations or other incentives to have work directed to them. Some insurance representatives can be a little pushy if you resist their directions, but once you state the shop of your choice, industry ethics require them to drop the subject and accommodate your request. If they persist, remind them of that ethic and stand your ground. 

Q.  Do you have relationships with any insurance companies?
A.  We work with every major insurance company in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Q.  What is your warranty on body work?
A.   Lifetime as long as you own the vehicle. After 50 years in business you can be sure we will be here to provide that warranty. 

Q.   I have rental coverage. Can you have a vehicle ready when I drop off my car?
A.   Absolutely. They meet you in our office. 

Q.  Can you arrange towing?
A.  Yes. We can arrange for towing, rental vehicle, and also pick up and delivery. 

Q. What brands to you repair?
A.  We are certified to work on all makes and model and we are I-Car Gold Certified to do it all.
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